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June 2023 &
July 2023

 I am thrilled to share that I've earned a spot in Every Nation Seminary, where I'll pursue a Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission for the next three years. This isn't your typical degree mill - the seminary strives to create impactful leaders who are grounded in Christ and driven to make a positive impact worldwide.

In June, I'll be flying out to Manila, Philippines for a 2-week intensive with dozens of other students from all over the world. The Philippines is home to one of the largest Christian populations on the planet and is expected to be a hub of missionary and ecclesiastical influence in the 21st century.

As I continue to study and learn as part of my spiritual journey, I'm confident that what I learn at Every Nation Seminary will prepare me not only for local leadership, but global impact too, as I follow God's call to love and serve his people around the world. I'm asking for your prayers for safe travels, strength to overcome any challenges that may arise, and protection from any danger along the way.


I've been chosen to lead a team of 12 young missionaries to South Africa for a 2 week trip in July. We're all raising funds for this life-changing trip, which includes visiting hospitals, offering prayer and service to those in need, evangelizing on high school and college campuses, and leading worship at various churches where I will also have the opportunity to speak. We're currently in training for 9 weeks to prepare for this trip and have already had some exciting moments. As the pastoral lead, I'm honored but also humbled by the responsibility, and I ask for your prayers for wisdom as I lead. There will be many opportunities for spiritual conversations, and I'm praying for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading.

If you feel led to support us financially, I'm raising funds for my flight, and any amount is appreciated. The roundtrip flight costs $2,600, and your support means everything to me. Visit the Partner With Me link below to give. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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