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You are not the devil's victim.

You're more than a conqueror!


Meet Erica

A Disciple of Christ, Minister, Teacher, Evangelist,

Wife, Mom, Coach and Author 

Erica is a native of Nashville, TN and graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in Spanish. She previously worked as a Federal Investigator with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, investigating workplace discrimination. 

An ordained minister, evangelist, teacher and author, she has years of experience serving in several ministries... 


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A Small Book of Prayers for Great Big Power

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Yielding to the Spirit of Love

How to be Healed (1 of 2)

How to Walk in Love (2 of 3)

How to Stay Encouraged

Racial Injustice and the Christian RespoArtist Name
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The Champion Project Podcast with PastorArtist Name
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A Small Book of Prayers for Great Big Power

A Small Book of Prayers for Great Big Power provides prayers for many situations: direction, freedom from bondage, salvation, forgiveness, walking in love, and much more. These prayers are filled with faith, and you will certainly be encouraged as you read through them.

There is one main reason for the awesome faith in the pages of this little book: the presence of God’s Word on each and every page to bring life-changing transformation. Be prepared to grow in your walk with the Lord as you meditate on the words and Scriptures.

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