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Erica Diggs



A Disciple of Christ, Minister, Teacher, Evangelist, Wife, Mom, Coach and Author

Erica is a native of Nashville, TN. After completing her undergraduate studies at Tennessee State University, where she majored in Spanish, Erica worked as a Federal Investigator with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In this role, she was responsible for investigating workplace discrimination across the United States. Erica has always been passionate about defending the rights of others and ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and equitably in the workplace. 


An ordained minister, evangelist, teacher and author, she has years of experience serving in several ministries, working with underprivileged communities, and broken families. She also trains jumpers as a track and field coach for middle and high school athletes. Erica previously worked as an Area Representative with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in middle schools, high schools, and colleges where she trained leaders and influenced the influencers. Further, she has also ministered in the prisons since 2003 and has a heart for evangelism and teaching along with praying for the sick wherever she finds them.


Erica is married to LaJuan Diggs and has three sons Eric, Jordan, and Jonathan Diggs, two of which are twins. The boys all attend various colleges which include Cornell University, The College of Wooster and Tennessee State University. Erica enjoys the adventures of traveling, seeing the world, and spending time helping people overcome life’s daily struggles through the teachings of Christ.   









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